Abdominal Trauma

Best Liver Transplantation In Bangalore Case 1 58/ M RTA- accelerating injury; 10 hrs after injury Spine and abdominal injury- paraparesis and abdominal pain CT abd/ MR spine Hypotension 60 systolic; pH 6.8; Hb 4 gm% Exploration- mesocolic vessel Reexploration after 6 hrs for bleed Reexploration after 2 days- ileostomy 9 PRBC, 8 FFP, 2 […]
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Metastatic Colo-rectal Cancers: Liver and Lung

Best Colon Cancer Specialist In Bangalore Introduction/ overview CRC- 2/3 develop metastatic disease –1/3 synchronous and 2/3 metachronous MC- Liver, lung and others –Portal dissemination/ systemic- low rectal 50 % only liver mets- less than half fit –Age/ comorbid, aggressive disease, insufficient FLR Liver and lung metastases 5 yr survival with surgery- 40 % Without […]
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M & M

Best Liver Transplantation In Bangalore Introduction 40-50 cases/ month 6 in last 10 months Complications –In house and external –Life threatening –Overview Corrosive injury 34/F Accidental corrosive ingestion 24/12/17 Treated as in patient for 2 days elsewhere ER at CAH- tachycardia, tachypnoea, stridor, hypotensive, dehydrated and diaphoretic, peritonitic CECT abd Emergency exploration- total gastrectomy, tube […]
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Liver resections

Best Liver Transplantation In Bangalore Introduction First successful elective liver resection – 1888 (Langenbuch C) True anatomical right hepatectomy for cancer – 1952 (Lortat-Jacob) Subsequent experience –Not encouraging till 20 years back –Morbidity (30%) & mortality (5%) –Most common complications : bleeding and bile leak Improvements in technique and technology, understanding, ICU care, IR <30 […]
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GI problems

Best Gastroenterologist In Bangalore Introduction Misnomer –Common: Gastritis, IBS, Infections –Surgical –Tertiary/ city: Referrals Prerequisites for GI practice –Surgeon –Interventional Gastroenterologist –Interventional Radiologist –ICU care Interest GI Bleed: Shunts/ resections GI cancers- multivisceral resections IBD HPB- jaundice Major abdominal trauma Reoperations/ GI fistulae Gallbladder Stone Treatment In Bangalore Gall stones USG Acute cholecystitis/ CBD stones/ […]
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Best Gastroenterologist In Bangalore UGI scopy Findings: –Red, thick, friable gastric mucosa –Normal distensibility –No focal lesions –RUT negative                   Biopsy Biopsy •First biopsy: –Atypical cells ? malignant –Negative for H pylori •Repeat (deeper) biopsy: –Severe dysplasia with few non caseating granulomas, to exclude malignancy     […]
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Best Colon Cancer Specialist In Bangalore Introduction: •Local growth, interfere with function •Ability to invade adjacent organs/ tissues •Distant spread •Varied virulence of cancers Types •Carcinoma •Sarcoma •Leukemia and lymphoma Best Colon Cancer Treatment In Bangalore Tumor •Benign/ malignant –Encapsulated/ invade –Growth speed/ extent –Ability to spread locally or to distant organs Best Gastroenterologist In […]
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Liver transplantation

Best Liver Transplantation In Bangalore Introduction: It is a procedure where in patient’s native diseased liver is taken out and replaced with a healthy liver. It involves greatest amalgamation of various specialties- Hepatobiliary surgeons, Hepatologists, Radiologists, Intensive care specialists and Anaesthetists. The usual indications for liver transplantation are decompensated chronic liver disease, acute liver failure […]
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Non-Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension- Shunt surgeries

Best Liver Surgeon In Bangalore Introduction: It encompasses a group of disorders characterised by normal liver functions and structure but symptoms of portal hypertension, usually bleeding or bile duct blockage. The most common ones in clinical practice are EHPVO (Extra hepatic portal venous obstruction) and NCPF (Non-Cirrhotic portal fibrosis). Since liver structure and functions are […]
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Corrosive injuries of Esophagus/ stomach- Esophageal replacement procedures

Best Gastroenterologist In Bangalore Introduction: Corrosive injuries of esophagus and stomach are a result of accidental/ suicidal/ homicidal ingestion of acid/ alkali corrosives, most common being toilet cleaners (Harpic/ Domex etc). This results in burn injuries of internal lining/ whole thickness of these organs, causing symptoms of problems with swallowing/ digestion. At times they need […]
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