Hernia repairs

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Hernia are defects in abdomen wall with protrusion of abdominal viscera. Hernia repairs, laparoscopic/ open, require reduction of protruding abdomen contents, restoration of abdominal wall, usually with reinforcement of repair with prosthetic mesh placement. The most common sites for hernia are groin and umbilicus followed by femoral, obturator, postoperative/ incisional, around the stoma, lumbar, spigelian and others. Each of these herniae may be treated with laparoscopic/ open surgery, one may be preferred over other depending on circumstances.

Unless preferred by patients, most of groin hernia are managed with laparoscopic technique (TEP). Since these are common in ageing population with muscle weakness, are usually considered bilateral disease and hence both sides are treated in same sitting.


Umbilical/ ventral hernia are treated by laparoscopy/ open technique. Small hernia with good abdominal musculature may be treated by IPOM technique laparoscopically while newer E-TEP technique is useful in those with weaker abdomen musculature.

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